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Industrial Fan Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of centrifugal blower and axial fan. Industrial Fan Company was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs with ambitious plans and assisted by a team of top engineers in the fan / blower industry.

 Suppliers of industrial OEM direct drive blowers, OEM fans, commercial ventilators, industrial centrifugal fans, centrifugal blowers, pressure blowers, industrial radial blowers, radial blade blower fans, direct drive ventilators, direct drive centrifugal ventilators, direct drive centrifugal blowers, direct drive radial blade blowers, direct drive OEM fans, direct drive industrial fans.

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Engineering sales of air knife blowers, blow off fans, stainless steel fans and SST blowers, spark resistant ventilators, combustion blowers, vane axial / tube axial blowers, high pressure ventilators, sealed blowers and fans, FRP fiberglass ventilators.
Centrifugal blower fans are categorized by their wheel / blade shapes. These would include:

* Forwardly curved
* Backwardly Inclined
* Backwardly curved
* Airfoil
* Radial
* Radial Tip
* Single or double width wheels

Centrifugal fans are offered at Canadian Blower with wheel diameters ranging from 5 inches to 85 inches in both belt driven and direct driven centrifugal fans. We offer the choice of backward-inclined, airfoil, backward-curved or forward curved wheel, all types of motors, high temperature, spark resistant and more.

Explosion proof  backwardly inclined; airfoil; radial and radial-tip fans and blowers.  Pressure blowers; plug fans; air kits; centrifugal and axial ventilators.