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Industrial Fan Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of centrifugal blower and axial fan. Industrial Fan Company was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs with ambitious plans and assisted by a team of top engineers in the fan / blower industry.

 Suppliers of industrial flue gas extractors and Canada Blower dust collection blowers, pneumatic conveying dust systems, material hndling air conveyors, industrial flue gas scrubbers and fume collectors.
 Industrial Airfoil Bladed Centrifugal Fan with efficient airfoil blades are recommended for all supply air and clean air exhaust ventilation systems, as well as variable volume air systems. Canada Blower Backward Inclined Ventialtors, Radial Tip Fans and Radial Bladed blowers. Rugged steel fan / blower wheels are ideal for dust conveying or other industrial airstreams, erosive ventialting installations, and material handling fan systems.

Fume Scrubbers / Dust Collectors

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The cyclone dust collector has tangential inlet which gives the gas flow rotating movement whereby the dust particles are driven towards the envelop surface where they are screwed down. Industrial Fan Co. cyclones are supplied in Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Fiberglass construction depending upon collected dust type.

Wet type dust collector is a low pressure, high efficiency collector for coarse dust which settles in water rapidly. The efficiency is as high as 95% for particle size up to 5 micron, without power water circulation.
Thw cartrifge dust collector filter contains a number of hose made of fabric material. The dust laden air or gas is passed through the walls of of the hoses from inside to outside or in the opposite direction - outside to inside. The dust is deposited as a layer on the inside / outside of the hoses. The dust is dislodged to the dust hopper by shaking / reverse high pressure jet pulse of air.
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The conveying of material laden air with Canada Blower fans involves determining the bulk density of the material to be conveyed. An appropriate amount of dilution air will be determined and a fan selected. High velocity air is used to carry dirt, weld fumes, grain, plastic materials, wood waste and paper trim from a process to a collection point. An added advantage to fan type systems is that the conveying air can be used to cool and aerate the materials being conveyed. This is useful in product transfer systems where additional cooling might otherwise be necessary. Powder and bulk solid materials can be passed through fans with proper selection of materials for abrasion resistance.

With either wet or dry feed stocks, these industries are large users of Canada Blower centrifugal and axial fans. From the large combustion air and kiln fans, to the smallest air slide blowers; Canada Blower offers complete blower packages. The clinker cooler and pneumatic conveying fans are extra heavy-duty abrasion-resistant fans which require extra attention to bearing life calculations. Speed controls are recommended where possible. Conventional fan dampers are available with abrasion-resistant features for these applications. Various dust collector designs are used with either clean-air or material-handling fans.